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This section was a bit tougher than the earlier XAT papers, especially compared to last year’s paper. Also, this section was time consuming. At least 10 out of 30 questions were difficult. At least 5 were of a moderate level of difficulty. All the passages were difficult to comprehend. Almost all RC questions were inferential. Many options were framed ambiguously and in a tricky manner, with the obvious answer not being available.

Reading Comprehension:
18 out of 30 questions were reading comprehension based. There were 4 passages. The passages were about concepts that were very advanced and esoteric for a graduate. They were technical and contained a lot of jargon. No attempt was made to tailor the content or language for a layperson. Except for 2-3 questions, all were inferential. There were 3-4 further application based questions too.

Topic of RC
Approx. Length
No. of Questions
Difficulty Level
How belief in karma affects setting expectations
325 words
1 easy 2 medium 2 difficult
How Enrico Fermi measured without instruments
370 words
2 easy 1 medium 1 difficult
Falsification vs. verification in establishing scientific claims
530 words
1 easy 1 medium 2 difficult
Soros’ views on free market capitalism
630 words
2 easy 1 medium 2 difficult

Verbal Ability (including Verbal Reasoning):
Grammar Based (6 questions): 3 questions required filling in multiple blanks. Two questions required filling in articles and one required filling in prepositions. There was a misprint in the last question that caused all the options to be incorrect. 3 questions had an italicized part presented in five different ways. All the six questions were very easy.

Reasoning Based (3 questions): These were 3 questions based on a new question type. Test takers were required to identify the relationship between the 2/3 statements given – whether they were dependent or independent, deducible or inducible from one another etc. Unfortunately, the terms (dependent/independent) were not defined. All three of these were difficult.

Jumbled Paragraph (3 questions): 1 paragraph contained 5 sentences and two contained 4. These were very easy.

It was important to not get intimidated, frustrated or loses patience. As XAT gave 140 minutes this time, one could easily spend 45 minutes on English. 15 minutes were sufficient for the 12 non-RC questions. In the remaining 30 minutes, one could solve 2 passages comfortably. The passages should have been selected as per one’s comfort level with the topic and language. As most of the RC questions were inferential, ‘question type’ would not play a role in selection of passages. Ideally the first two passages should have been solved as they were shorter. Here, it wouldn’t have been prudent to solve a few questions from each passage after giving a cursory reading to the passage as the passages were difficult and gradually built on the main idea. Also, the questions were inferential.
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