Why Engineers go for MBA?

Why Engineers go for MBA?

Postby amit007 » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:45 pm

Why Engineers go for MBA? | Why MBA after B.Tech?

If you are going for CAT , GMAT or any other MBA Entrance Exam than you must have realised the fact that maximum of the students are Working engineers or doing their B.Tech. But you dont see a similar trend in law , doctors or any other profession. So lets just try to analyse the reasons why an MBA is the preferred option after B.Tech.

1. The most important reason is that even when they get a good placement and growth , they face an identity crisis problem. Just feels lost in the crowd . So to change their area of work or to change their specialisation , MBA is a good option for the.

2. Some wants to get a managerial or a higher post in their organisation or in their area of expertisement . They go for MBA and develop some quality of problem solving and planning.

Also some engineers in India are clueless about their careers till they graduate and when they decide to choose for MBA, not all of them have a clear perspective in mind. Just to get a good placement or a good package , they start preparing for MBA.
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