Career Options After 12th Arts/Humanities | Why Humanities?

Career Options After 12th Arts/Humanities | Why Humanities?

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Science can make you a smart person; commerce can make you a successful person. But humanities make you a GOOD person.

A person with a thought, thought to change the world, bring that change through revolution, and radically revolutionize the society.
    Humanities on a basic level means, study of the humans. Learning about an individual’s behavior, the society which he lives in and all the elements and institutions in the environment that binds a person with another.
    Humanities act as a weapon. Weapon to question, to reason, and to examine those areas which has no bounds and yet are so basic.

The core of the subject is depth. If you are a profound person and you are always curious to know WHY? , choose this subject. It is about putting your own point of view, expressing your thoughts on a particular subject. It is about putting yourself is someone else’s shoes and then realizing what the actual scenario is all about. It develops apathy and pro-social behavior, an inside urge to help the needy and work towards the holistic development of the society.

Have you ever thought that we are done with a society where gay marriages are still not accepted and live ins are still a taboo? Humanities is the medium through which you which you can highlight this very prospective. It acts as an instrument to enhance the thought that pops up in your mind. It teaches you the ways by which you can build that thought as a value inside you, express it fearlessly and work towards its effective execution.

There are broad ranges of careers under this subject. Administration jobs, law, designing, human resource, therapists, writers are to name a few. But actually, there is not even a single job or business on this earth, where humanities would not be useful. It develops a strong personality with an insight, who approaches things different from the rest. Who has a varied way of taking the situations and solving it creatively.

At the end, to quote Jim Leach- ‘Our culture is more shaped by arts and humanities than it often is by politics.
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