IIM Bangalore Eligibility & Selection Criteria 2016-2018

IIM Bangalore Eligibility & Selection Criteria 2016-2018

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IIM Bangalore Eligibility Criteria for PGP 2016-2018

IIMB has internally developed an admission process that seeks to identify the most promising
Candidates for the PGP program. IIMB adopts a two-phase selection process and accordingly these
selection criteria are applied in two phases. The first phase process is applied to all eligible candidates who appear for CAT 2015 to
determine those qualifying candidates who will be called for personal interview (PI). During the PI
process the candidates selected for interviewing during a particular half-day (morning or afternoon)
session will have to write a short note (one page) on a topic provided by IIMB. The topics chosen will
typically reflect current political, economic and business affairs, though other topics such as sports and
those that require more creative thinking may also be included. The time provided for writing the note
will typically be about 30 minutes. During the interview , the panel will evaluate each candidate's
performance on academic background , quality of work experience and other personal traits. The
written note will be evaluated separately. Scores of both, written note and interview , in
combination with pre-PI selection parameters will be used cumulatively in the second and final
phase of selection to identify the candidates who will merit selection from among those candidates who
appear for the PI.

The selection process, parameters and weights used are uniform for all categories of applicants.
Sufficient candidates are short listed at each stage in each category to meet the reservation
requirement for each group, as applicable at that time.


1. The first short list of candidates is based on candidates securing minimum section-wise and
aggregates percentile scores in the CAT. All the subsequent processing, standardization and selection was limited to
candidates belonging to this first short list alone. This means that the CAT score alone was used as
the basis for arriving at the first short list.

Minimum Percentile requirements for the first shortlist (2014)*


2. For all candidates in the first shortlist , the score/weight for work experience
is calculated as: Pre PI score for Work Experience

= 5x/36 if 0 < x < 36
= 5 if x >= 36

where x is the months of work experience up to September 2014 , as captured in CAT
application form (and substantiated in the application to IIMB). This implies that the score
will peak at 36 months work experience and will remain at that level for candidates with
work experience exceeding 36 months. The work experience score (maximum 5 in the pre-PI
stage) will be multiplied by the quality of work experience score on a 5 point scale (0.25 - 0.5 - 1 -
1.5 - 2) as given by interviewers in the PI process in Phase 2 to give a maximum score of 10 for
work experience.

3. For all candidates in the first shortlist , the maximum of the work
experience score and the professional course score is considered for selection under a
common weight of 10 for work experience or professional course - since both provide
professional work experience relevant to a management programme.

4. For all candidates in the first shortlist, other than work experience or
professional course, the weights for the remaining four components (each of them being
standardized) are fixed as:

CAT =20, 10th board=15, 12th board=10, Bachelors= 15.

5. For all candidates in the first shortlist , the weighted total of the five
components namely (a) work experience or professional course, (b) CAT, (c) 10th board, (d)
12th board, (e) bachelors as stated above is used to prepare a pre-PI rank list for calling
candidates for the PI. Sufficient candidates will be invited for PI to enable selection based on the
additional PI evaluation components: (a) note content, (b) note style, (c) personal
interview, and (d) review of work experience (if any).

6. For all candidates in the first shortlist, normalization or standardization
in any component stated above is carried out as per the following formula. All
standardization is done with reference to the qualifying first shortlist or its subdivisions;
Standardized score (truncated between 0 and weight (wt) is computed from the raw score
(val) as:
Max [0, min {wt, wt/2 + ((val-mean)/ sd) * wt/6}]


1. The performance of each candidate on the note will be scored by in terms of content and
style. Each interviewer will use the Personal Interview to comprehensively evaluate the
candidate's motivation and ability to fit in and benefit from the PGP program. All candidates will
be required to provide three confidential reference letters from their employers or faculty
and this will also be used in the personal interview evaluation. For each of the three elements
of evaluation during the PI process - Note Content, Note Style and Personal
Interview -the average of the scores given by the interviewers will be considered.

2. The work experience score will be multiplied by the quality of experience score, as evaluated
by the interviewing panel as an assessment of the relevance of the work experience to the
program. The quality of work experience score will be evaluated on a 5 point scale (0.25 - 0.5 -
1 - 1.5 - 2) by each member of the panel during the interviews. The average quality of work
experience score will be multiplied by the pre-PI work experience score and accordingly the
work/professional experience component score (maximum score 5) used in Phase 1 will be
revised in Phase 2 (maximum score 10).

3. The scores in all past academics will also be updated, if required, on the basis of actual mark
sheets/ grade cards submitted. Unless otherwise mentioned, percentages would be
calculated by considering all subjects that the candidate has appeared for examination.

4. The note content score (weight=7.5), note style score (weight=7.5), and the personal
interview score (weight=20), after standardization across interview panels and sessions, will be
added to the pre-PI total to arrive at the final aggregate score.

5. The final offers of admission to candidates will be made strictly on the basis of ranks in each
category on the final aggregate score .

Since IIMB follows a comprehensive multi-criteria process at the pre-PI stage, it is able to identify
many candidates for the PI who have an excellent academic record and work experience but who,
while doing well enough in the CAT to be in the first shortlist, may have narrowly missed the high score
that would have been required if CAT alone was the basis for the PI short list. Such candidates effectively
replace candidates who have only a high CAT score but score poorly in terms of their past academic
record and work experience. IIMB emphasizes consistent and high performance in past academics.
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